Moonlight Beach Sunset: Encinitas, California

Do you have a favorite spot to watch the sunset? Or a special place to go to think?

On a recent road trip down the coast to San Diego, I discovered the most amazing location in Encinitas, Moonlight Beach. I got there right around 8pm and just stood at the edge of the water, taking in the scents, sights, and sounds. The waves washing up the shore, my toes dug into the sand, and the smell of salt in the air with a faint scent of a bonfire burning nearby.  There’s just something so serene and mysterious about the ocean. I stood there for a while, allowing the space to clear my thoughts, closing my eyes for a bit to just listen to the breaking sound of the waves. As the sun set, I tried to capture the imagery as best as possible through these photos; however, photos just don’t do it justice.

Moonlight Beach 4Moonlight Beach 2Moonlight Beach 6Moonlight Beach 8Moonlight Beach 9Moonlight Beach 10Moonlight Beach 14Moonlight Beach 15

Interested in visiting Encinitas or Moonlight Beach? Find more information on the San Diego County website. 🙂