Airplane Food Diaries: Japan Airlines

When traveling abroad, one of the best experiences of going somewhere new is getting to try the food.  While airplane food may not be at the top of that list, it is a chance to try flavors you might not otherwise.  Usually, on a 5+ hour flight you have 4 options: 1) try to sleep; 2) bring your own non-perishable items; 3) take a chance on a random meal; or 4) starve.  While options #1 and 2 seem the most practical, they are usually pretty hard to accomplish, especially when the hot food carts roll by and the heavy aromas meet your nose.

Japan Airlines Meal

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Airplane food is, well, airplane food.  It can sometimes be overheated, weird, or just not what your taste buds prefer.  The meals during my Japan Airlines flights were… interesting.  For someone not used to Japanese flavors, the foods were unique.  The flavor palate was a combination of sweet, spicy, and sour.  I was truely excited to try the meals.  The packaging was so unique!

Japan Airlines Meal Compartments

I was a little surprised at how each item was compartmentalized.  My initial thought was on the level of detail that went into the presentation of the meal itself.  It was kind of fun to unpack each item!  Especially since I had no idea what I was uncovering.  😜

Japan Airlines Meal

Here is a peek at my meals on two Japan Airlines flights; lunch and dinner.  These are the meals they serve in regular class seating.  They include a rice chip snack, entree with various sides, baked good, drink, and ice cream.