9/11 Memorial Museum NYC Visit

The 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York is impactful. The outside grounds and museum evoke emotion and self-reflection as the memorial is set-up as a homage to the lives that were impacted and remembrance of the events that transpired that day.  I didn’t know how I would feel about visiting ground zero, but I’m glad I did. I feel that the memorial is tasteful and nothing short of emotional.  For the most part, silence is observed by the patrons and photos are not permitted in certain parts of the museum.


9/11 memorial museum

World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan

Here are a few photos I took of the grounds and inside the museum. Admission is free on Tuesdays after 5pm. Please visit their website for directions and more information: http://www.911memorial.org

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower


Inside museum





Reflection Pool

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