Olvera Street: A walk through ‘La Placita Olvera’ in Downtown LA

Here’s a look of a stroll I took down Olvera Street one hot summer day. Olvera Street is an outdoor marketplace that houses stores, sit-down restaurants, food stands, museums, historic monuments, and a performance plaza. It is an area that is colorful, vibrant, and full of culture. Talk about history, ‘La Placita Olvera’ is considered one of Los Angeles’ oldest historic sites. There are seven museums and four historic monuments located on the premises. Among these buildings includes the oldest existing residence of Los Angeles, Avila Adobe, which dates back to 1818. Strolling through the grounds you can stop to watch a live performance, listen to a mariachi band, drink a fresh fruit water (agua fresca), or munch on delicious rolled tacos (taquitos). There is so much to see and do. I was only able to capture a small portion. Hopefully it inspires you to take a stroll.

“The Olvera Street Mexican style outdoor marketplace is an internationally renowned space for visitors to casually stroll, people watch and enjoy foods, cultural souvenirs and traditional live entertainment.” – Calle Olvera

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