Stacks Pancake House: A little bit of Hawaii in the OC

I know you can sympathize with me when I tell you how disappointed I was to miss the employee appreciation breakfast my bosses had put together at the office.  Not only did I miss an opportunity for free food but apparently I missed a chance to try what was described to me as ‘the most mouth-watering and delicious pancakes’. My coworker could not stop raving about them.  Armed with the need to not feel left out, I was determined to try these pancakes for myself!  So one random day my coworker and I were craving breakfast for lunch and decided to hunt down the restaurant where our bosses had ordered breakfast from.

Stacks Pancake House

Stacks Pancake House

27680 Marguerite Parkway, Suite C
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Stacks Pancake House has successfully brought Hawaiian influence to the OC. The Mission Viejo location is in a very unassuming location in the middle of a shopping center, but don’t let the outer appearance deter you.  The restaurant layout is a casual counter style where you order and pay first then they bring out your food. I was happily surprised to see the Hawaiian influence carried throughout the menu with items such as loco moco, coconut pineapple pancakes, teriyaki, spam, and coconut syrup. They are well-known for their macadamia nut banana pancakes and captain crunch macadamia nut French toast. The only thing that is missing from the menu is Kona Coffee, which I am very surprised that they don’t offer.

The breakfast that we had that day was fantastic. Since I didn’t have a huge appetite, I opted for what I thought would be a small plate, but, as you can see from the photos, clearly was not. I ordered the eggs florentine and my coworker ordered the eggcellent breakfast, both which came with pancakes. As I’m writing this I’m still savoring their pancakes (light, fluffy, and slightly crispy) and utterly regretting that I didn’t opt to try the macadamia nut banana pancakes. Oh well, at least I have a reason to go back.

Eggcellent Combo

Eggcellent Combo – scrambled eggs and bacon.

Blueberry and Coconut Syrup. Delicious!

Blueberry and Coconut Syrup. Delicious!

Short Stack

Short Stack

Florentine Scramble - bacon, spinach, onions, and swiss cheese.

Florentine Scramble – bacon, spinach, onions, and swiss cheese.

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